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LTS, point releases and the lack of hype

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One of the most amazing things about Ubuntu is the commitment to release free security updates for the next 18 months after a release. This commitment grows up to three years for the desktop and five years for the server when it comes to LTS releases. Mark gives a wonderful overview about Ubuntu release process in his post “The Art of Release”.

For LTS releases, on top of the updates, every six months, a new point release gets out, until the next LTS is released. This week Ubuntu 8.04.4 is going to be released. This is going to be Hardy’s last point release, as Lucid, arriving on April, is an LTS release as well.

This is wonderful and very helpful for people willing to run very stable releases in their production machines. But, to make this happen, things need to be tested. SRUs need to be verified, the security team need to keep up with the vulnerabilities database, ISOs needs to be tested for point releases as well, etc.

The problem about these tasks is that they lack of hype. It is always more entertaining to test the latest feature, this new cool theme or install the next release Beta ISO and see how good it is going to look.

But Ubuntu is built to last. We need these people to keep this commitment every release. This post is a big thank you for all those people who work (frequently behind the curtains) to keep Ubuntu releases in shape during their life-cycles.

Thank you guys, you rock. LTS releases rock.
LTS releases are the new hype.


Written by Ara Pulido

January 25, 2010 at 12:36 pm

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/me starts Ubuntu Live i386 full disk

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If you have ever participated in Ubuntu ISO testing you may know what this title is about. To coordinate testing and to avoid duplicating efforts, every time one of us starts a new testcase, we enter a line like the one in the title in the #ubuntu-testing Freenode IRC channel.

In this example it means that I have started the Full Disk testcase for the Ubuntu Live CD i386 image. Others willing to help will know that I am already working on that one and will be able to concentrate their efforts in other testcases.

This system is far from perfect, as not everybody is in IRC and, even if you are, you can lose the messages sent before you logged in.

To improve the system I have added a new “Started” status to the test reports. Now, when you start a testcase, instead of having to communicate it in the IRC channel, add a “Started” result to that testcase and others will know that you are working on it (it will show up in the list of results with an icon of a clock.

Testcase started

Hopefully this will improve the coordination of the ISO testing activities.

Written by Ara Pulido

January 11, 2010 at 10:56 am