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Testing your multitouch device

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Maverick is coming with multitouch & gestures support!

OK, right, this is not news, a lot of people have been already been talking about it, inside the Ubuntu community, and also outside the community. I cannot express how excited I am about multitouch support and the possibilities it opens (phones?, tablets?, the-next-great-small-device?). But, first, we need to test it!

So, maybe, you have a multitouch device. OK, maybe you don’t. Maybe you just have a single touch device (a touchpad, a tablet). OK, maybe you don’t. Maybe you just have a mouse. In all those cases we need your help. Obviously, our main interest is in getting feedback from people with multitouch devices, but, we also need to see if regressions were introduced in the process.

So, how can you help?

Setting Up Instructions

  1. Install the utouch package.
  2. You have to have an account in our tracking system.
    1. Go to http://multitouch.qa.ubuntu.com.
    2. Click on “Log In” and “Create New Account”
  3. Once you’re done with the tracker, subscribe the Ubuntu Multitouch dev mailing list, where you will be able to contact the developers in case you face any problem.
  4. If you want, send an email to the mailing list introducing yourself.
  5. You’re all set!

Testing Instructions

We will be announcing new testing cycles in the mailing list. The tests will appear in the tracker and everybody is free to submit their results any time, while the testing cycle is opened.

Every testing cycle, you will see the tracker (http://multitouch.qa.ubuntu.com) reset. You need to click on a set of testcases to see the list:


The list of testcases appear, with a summary on how many results have been reported:


To read the instructions on how to perform the testing, and report your result, click on any of them. The testcase view will show a form to report your result and a link to the testcase wiki, to guide you through the process.

/!\ Please note that the link “Additional instructions are available” is actually the link to the testcase description. This is a wrong wording of the link and we will fix it in the next roll out of the tracker.


If the testcase passed, just mark it as passed.

Filing bugs

Utouch packages come with Apport hooks, that will make it easy to file bugs with the relevant information for the developers. To file a new bug please, open a terminal window and type:

$ ubuntu-bug utouch

After the relevant information has been collected, it will be sent to Launchpad, where you will be able to describe your problem. As easy as that! You have to love Apport!

You can also point to bugs that have been already reported.

Update: note that the images are cropped screenshots; to see the full text, please visit the http://multitouch.qa.ubuntu.com


Written by Ara Pulido

August 30, 2010 at 12:02 pm

Posted in multitouch